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Franchise Connect

Four times a year, the magazine FRANCHISEconnect - the magazine of the German Franchise Association - provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information from franchise practice. Convincing success examples belong to it just like editorialally high-quality articles to most diverse topics. The magazine reports on founder stories, shows alternatives to the free establishment, lets old hares and young Franchise jumpers come to word and communicates not least the variety of the independence under existing mark roof. Already looked in?

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“FranchiseERFOLGE” is a magazine for people interested in franchises. It is targeted at FRANCHISE start-ups and potential franchisees and so responds to the important role of franchising in company start-ups and in safeguarding jobs and companies. Franchising promotes independence and offers new opportunities for SMEs. This makes the subject a must for UNTERNEHMERVERLAG, which devotes the magazine exclusively to the franchise industry.

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Franchise Portal: the Virtual Franchise Fair covers a wide range of proven commercial franchising ideas for self-employment.The portal is known throughout the German-speaking part of Europe. The Virtual Franchise Fair covers some 300 exhibitors and detailed information provides founders and franchise system operators with fundamental knowledge and the latest news.

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Deutsche Unternehmerbörse

Deutsche Unternehmerbörse DUB.de is the online portal for business succession and franchising. On DUB.de companies find new owners and founders start their career as entrepreneurs, be it via buying a company or becoming a franchisee. Our magazine, DUB UNTERNEHMER has the largest circulation in Germany and has a special focus on digitisation.

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Founded in 2010, Für-Gründer.de has established itself as a leading platform in Germany for startups, entrepreneurs and all those, who aim to become their own boss. Für-Gründer.de has actively supported thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to set up their own company by providing relevant information, giving access to a valuable network and by creating digital tools like "Unternehmerheld" that enhance the process of setting up businesses. Für-Gründer.de also provides a franchise directory which brings interested founders and franchisors together. 

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Global Franchise magazine is the only journal dedicated wholly to international franchising. Designed to be read by franchisors, master franchisees and regional developers, it is a respected resource of essential information for brand owners intending to expand overseas – and a shop window of opportunities for would-be master franchisees looking to buy into the perfect brand. Drawing on the expertise of people well-established in the world of franchising, Global Franchise's unique system of distribution in first and business class airline lounges around the world (as well as at the major franchise expos worldwide) ensures that each copy is read by a targeted audience.

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SHEconomy is a central platform for successful women. In addition to classic kiosk sales, the main focus is on communities and networks. The SHEconomy print, online and event offerings are a high-quality service with decisive added value for successful women and promote visibility of the women's networks as a whole.

The Vision is that women are in top positions and behind them visible and self-evident. SHEconomy is a new, colourful medium for women's perspective on business topics and a female business community in which everyone is happy to participate.




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